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Espaço Aberto School

There is no such magical time as the one we spend at school. A time for personal development and learning. A time to make unforgettable friends. A time for reinforcing concepts, for overthrowing prejudices. A time when parents prepare the long adventure for their children to leave the nest, because leaving home means stepping into the world to gain autonomy. There is no space greater than imagination. The infinite fits in there. A school must be the world of dreams, of utopia.
Our school is where children develop their imagination, it’s the place for caring  and humanization. These two dimensions give meaning to our pedagogical project that, each day, has made our partners - our students’ parents - trust our work.
Our space is open to welcome you!

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We are moved by the feeling of unity and we work to promote the collective growth of our students.

At Espaço Aberto School, our students are the protagonists. They write their own story. To do so, we offer the tools and guidelines so that each of them develops their potentials and discover their own abilities and skills.

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