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*  Annual planning with learning objectives of each class that establish the necessary annual contents, ensuring the evolution in student communication.

* Digital resources and activities that engage students in projects, cultural presentations, practical and creative application - this keeps them engaged.

* Evaluation of the results considering the structures that must be assimilated in each school year, aiming at the student's evolution in the four essential English language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading.


Yes, we are a Google School!

The Google G Suite is a technological solution designed to make life easier for teachers and students in and out of classrooms, anytime, from any device connected to the internet.

With Classroom-only solutions, our students have all of Google's concentrated tools to promote and support educational activities! Our keywords are Share, Store and Communicate.

A Space to Play and Learn - EBA

Espaço Aberto School offers Kindergarten and Elementary School students the Space to Play and Learn Program (EBA). The EBA is our proposal of Full Time School.

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Check some of our projects

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The International Programs are carried out in partnership with IEB - International Education Bureau. Trips include Chile, Spain, United States and France.

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