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Educational Cycles



Children, lots of learning! We believe in education as a construction of knowledges and relationships that permeate the life of the educator and the learner, leading them to discoveries that enable information exchange, self-awareness improvement, creativity, emotional intelligence and caring.

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Elementary School (Early Years)

During the 9 years of Elementary School, our space is aimed at providing the individual with full expertise in reading, writing and calculating and the with the ability to gain new knowledge through these skills. In the initial years of the Elementary School (1st to 5th grade), the construction of concepts is targeted considering the formation of attitudes and values, encouraging dialogue and research.

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Elementary School (Latest Years)

In turn, in the final years of the Elementary School (6th to 9th grade), our students already act intervening in their reality, modifying it in an ethical way and working in a collaborative manner, expanding the knowledge they have gained. Upon completion of the Elementary School, the students at Espaço Aberto School  will be able to develop fully as a person, using the knowledge achieved through the curricular contents of the Base Nacional Comum Curricular (Brazil’s Common Core Curriculum) and the transdisciplinary themes offered by the school.


High school

In this last stage of the basic education, our students work harder in Languages, Mathematics, Natural and Human Sciences, according to what is proposed by ENEM (Pre-University Tests), currently one of the principal means required to enter university in Brazil. These areas have been the focus of the current High School reforms, which is being carried out by the Federal Government. Our school is already working within the proposed reform, which will become mandatory soon.


Pre-University Preparatory Course

The Espaço Aberto School educational program for Pre-University Education is based on the implementation of the plans elaborated for an already long expected future. Improving scientific, ethical, relational and citizenship knowledge, the student is prepared to raise higher flights.

Our single methodology sees each school subject with a unique importance in the learning process. Here, the contents of the student's school life, especially those presented during high school, are again reviewed to consolidate the knowledge the students have acquired. In this way, we encourage the student once again to perceive that organization and discipline when studying will bring good results in the academic and professional life.

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