Our management team

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George Oliveira

School Principal

Born into a family of educators, George Oliveira holds a degree in Geography from the State University of Ceará. He has a background in teaching English and, after specializing in the USA, began his journey at Espaço Aberto School in 1995. Today, he heads Cocó headquarters and, as a partner-owner, he participates in the honorable mission of collaborating with the formation process of our students since the foundation of the School.

Ligênia Duarte

General Supervisor

Ligênia Duarte holds a degree in Language Arts from the State University of Ceará. She has studied in the United States and in Europe. She has an advanced degree in teaching English as a foreign language and is the General Supervisor at Espaço Aberto School.

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Murilo Martins

School Principal

Murilo Martins is an Aviation Engineer with a degree from ITA (Aeronautical Technology Institute), a postgraduate student in Germany and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Federal University of Ceará. Murilo Martins is a professor and partner-owner of Espaço Aberto School. He comes from a family of educators in Ceará and is the grandson of one the founders of the UFC  (Federal University of Ceará) and UECE (State University of Ceará), Prof. Murilo Martins.